A brand new vision awaits

Navigating the waters of finding a good LASIK or Cataract surgeon is difficult.

Dr. Eubanks has the skills and experience you want in a surgeon to meet your vision needs.

"...I could not be happier with my experience. Dr. Eubanks was fantastic..."

- Facebook Review

"...I cannot stress this enough. Dr. Eubanks is the absolute best..."

- Google Review

"...Doctor Eubanks was awesome! He kept me calm and throughly went through what my procedure would be like..."

- Yelp Review

What makes Dr. Eubanks unique among surgeons?

He has performed thousands of refractive procedures of LASIK, cataract surgery, refractive lens exchange, ICL and PRK.

  • Quality

    He meticulously optimizes all necessary calculations and precisely operates to get the best result and vision.

  • Integrity

    He puts a high focus on safety and only performs procedures if he can expect excellent results.

  • Personable

    He is kind, down to earth and fun, and can easily connect and relate with his patients.

  • Caring

    He gives every patient the respect and regard they deserve and treats everyone as if they are family.